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          Suzhou Yusheng Electronics Co., Ltd was established in 2005, is the earliest engaged in one of triple insulated wire production and sale.Now our company factory building area of 3000 square meters, the complete inspection 

measuring and test equipment ,Achieved UL insulation system certification, UL number: E364920,
and passed the UL product safety authentication, UL number: E332529,Germany VDE certification, number 40033527,
SGS environmental protection certification, CQC - ISO9001 quality management system certification, etc.
Our company focused on three layers of insulated wire production for many years,research and development,
the current can produce specifications (0.15 mm to 1.0 mm) Direct solder triple Insulated Wire,peeled welding
triple Insulated Wire,Litz triple Insulated Wire,Tinned triple Insulated Wire,TWE-3 triple Insulated Wire
,Class F triple Insulated Wire; iron fluorine dragonkind three layers insulated wire, According to
different customer needs, can customize varieties color three layers of insulation more than at any time ,
Can also produce non-standard products, welcome to order.

   Yusheng electronics co., ltd  currently production reached 40 million meters, with independent research
and development team, focusing on three layers of insulated wire research and development, innovation,
providing customers with the most satisfaction, the bestquality products,we are willing to continue to
promote your success.Beyond the dream, and create a wonderful future.


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